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Selected Media Interviews


Interview with Pedro Guzman, El Ciudadano, “Comunidad Q’eqchi’ contra Guatemala: Un precedente en la lucha de los derechos humanos.” February 11, 2022.


Interview with Rocio Periago, El Pais, “La comunidad q’eqchi’ contra Guatemala, un precedente en la lucha de los derechos humanos. Febraury 10, 2022.


Interview with Sandra Cuffe, Mongabay, “Indigenous Community takes Guatemalan land rights to international court.” February 9, 2022.


Interview with Maria Martin, NPR, “International court case pits mining interests against indigenous land rights.” February 20, 2022. 


Interview with Maria Martin in Spanish. Radio Bilingue. “Guatemala en el banquillo de los acusados en Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos. February 11, 2022. 


Also, interviewed by PBS Arizona about Guatemalan Genocide: 


Julio Cisneros, PBS Phoenix, AZ, for PBS documentary about genocide and migration from Guatemala, September 22, 2021.


Interview with Ian Masters, Background Briefing, KPFK, “How to Ensure Aid to Central America Will Reach the People, Not Line the Pockets of Corrupt Leaders,” May 11, 2021.


Interview with Ian Masters, Background Briefing, KPFK, “The Unworkable Deal Trump Struck with Guatemala,” August 8, 2019.

Interview with Mary Louise Kelly, All Things Considered, National Public Radio, about the Guatemalan Genocide and Efrain Rios Montt, April 3, 2018.


Interview with Elisabeth Malkin, New York Times, about arrests of former military officers in Guatemala, January 6, 2016.


Interview with Cyril Mychalejko about Perez Molina trial for Telesur. 


Interview about Guatemalan Presidential election with Ian Masters, Background Briefing, KPFK Radio, Los Angeles, October 26, 2015.


Interview about Guatemalan elections by Ian Masters, Background Briefing, KPFK Radio, Los Angeles, September 15, 2015.


Interview about trial of Otto Perez Molina by Ian Masters, Background Briefing, KPFK Radio Los Angeles, September 6, 2015.


Interview about post-Franco justice and international tribunals by Raphael Minder, “Argentine Judge Seeks to Put Franco Officials on Trial,” New York Times, Oct. 1, 2013,


Interview about Guatemalan Genocide and Rios Montt Trial with Ian Masters, KPFK Radio Los Angeles, May 12, 2013.


Interview about Guatemalan Genocide and Rios Montt Trial at Radio Dreyeckland , Raíces Nómades, Spanish radio program, Frieberg, Germany, April 26, 2013.


Interview about the Rios Montt Trial.  “Trial Annullment in Guatemala Rejestcted by Judge,” by Elisabeth Malkin, New York Times, April 19, 2013.


Interview about forensic evidence in the Rios Montt case for “Guatemala: Why We Cannot Turn Away,” PBS Evening News Hour, April 5, 2013, (aired May 8, 2013).


Interview about Guatemalan Genocide by Mariano Castillo for “Guatemalan Confronts a Dark Chapter,” CNN Online

April 11, 2013.


Interview about feminicide in Guatemala and the Rios Montt trial.  Radio Ondacero, Alcala de Henares, Spain, March 1, 2013. 


Interviewed about Rios Montt trial by Ariel Flajnik, Alternativa Latina on 88.7 FM WRHU, a New York based radio station on Long Island, February 14, 2013.


Interviewed about Rios Montt trial by Burt Cohen
/Guatemalas-Former-Dictator-Goes-On-Trial-for-Genocide-In-Guatemala.aspx  Broadcast on two stations in NH and webcast on the Progressive Radio Network. February 5, 2013.

Interviewed about the Rios Montt trial  by Elisabeth Malkin for “Ex-Dictator Is Ordered to Trial in Guatemalan War Crimes Case,” New York Times, January 28, 2013.


August 21, 2012, interviewed by Alison Hughes, RTVE Spanish National Radio, about the Guatemalan genocide, command responsibility and the role of international courts. Special two-part program:

January 27, 2012, “Accused of Atrocities, Guatemala’s Ex-Dictator Chooses Silence,” by Elisabeth Malkin, New York Times, A11.


October 26, 2011, interviewed on Radio Cataluña, Barcelona, about feminicide and genocide in Guatemala.


June 30, 2011, interviewed by Alison B. Hughes for Other Voices – Radio Exterior, RTVE.


June 24, 2011, “Rape in wartime: Listening to the Victims,” by Ashley Fantz, CNN

May 19, 2011, interviewed by Jonathan Green, British GQ about violence and genocide  in Guatemala.


May 19, 2011, interviewed by Ashley Fantz, CNN about working with survivors of sexual assault in conflict zones.


April 22, 2011, interviewed by Kelly Voll, The Citizen about human rights conditions in Guatemala.


April 7, 2011, interviewed by AP Spanish, Riverdale Press, Bronx Free Press about feminicide in Guatemala.


April 6, 2011, interviewed by Bronxnet Dialogo Abierto about the Central American Gender Conference at Lehman College.


April 5, 2011, interviewed by the Daily News about gender violence in Central America and the Lehman conference on the topic.


November 26, 2010, interviewed by Yolanda Sobero Martinez for a special on Feminicide in

Guatemala for Televisión Española, TVE.


June 18, 2010, interviewed by Elisabeth Malkin for background information on impunity in Guatemala for her July 3, 2010 New York Times article: “Strains in Guatemala’s Experimental Justice System.”


June 11-18, 2010. “Guatemala:  Entrevista con Victoria Sanford, antropóloga cultural, by Pilar Crespo, Inforpress Centroamericana No. 1850, pages 10-11.


June 3, 2010, “Guatemalan survivors revel in their history. Years after massacre, villagers have chance to see their stories validated in print,” Larry Kaplow, special feature to the Global Post about the Reading of La Masacre de Panzos on the 32nd anniversary of the massacre.


Live Feed of May 28, 2010 presentation of La Masacre de Panzos in Panzos, Guatemala


May 24, 2010, interviewed about La Masacre de Panzos  on Guatemalan TV station Vea Canal, by Radio Nederland journalist Juan Gaudenzi.

Live Feed of May 20, 2010 presentation “El feminicidio en Guatemala y su investigacion por las ciencias forenses” en la Facultad Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales de Guatemala, Guatemala City.

May 5, 2010, interviewed by JK Fowler, The Mantle ~ a Forum for Progressive Critique, about engaged anthropology.


April 28, 2010, interviewed by Richard Fleming, Suddeutsche Zeitung (largest circulation daily newspaper in Germany) about impunity in Guatemala.


March 18, 2010, interviewed by Larry Kaplow, Global Post about genocicde in Guatemala.


March 15, 2010, interviewed by Juan Oquendo, 3 Decadas Despues de Panzos,  El Periodico, Guatemala.


February 18, 2010, interviewed for an article about the Panzos massacre by Nora Martinez for the Central American paper, Diario de Centroamerica.


April 16, 2009, featured in The Riverdale Press Accent on People: “Lehman Professor wins Guggenheim Fellowship.”


March 13, 2008, interviewed on gender equality in Tennis and other professional sports by Rudy Martzke for Watch!Magazine, CBS.

March 4, 2008, interviewed about the Guatemalan genocide by Adam Hyman for a BBC documentary entitled “Worse than War.”


June 6, 2007, interviewed about the role of science and technology in resolving human rights cases by Xeni Jardin, National Public Radio.


February 8, 2007, interviewed about Feminicide and Impunity in Guatemala by Sotiris Danezis, Mega-TV War Zone Documentaries, (Athens TV program).


January 12, 2007, interviewed about genocide and femincide in Guatemala by Anna Karina Rosales, Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, (Netherlands Radio).


December 14, 2006, interviewed about my work in Guatemala and Colombia by Dr. Patricio Lerzundi for CUNY TV Program “Nueva York.”  Program aired in March 2007.


December 2006, interviewed about my trajectory of research in Latin America by Dr. Fran Rothstein for American Ethnological Society Column in Anthropology News.


October 31, 2004, interviewed about my research on armed actors in Guatemala and Colombia, “Desarme ‘para’: llegan los desafíos,” by Bibiana Mercado Rivera, El Tiempo, page 1-2 and page 1-3.


October 18, 2004, interviewed about genocide in Guatemala by Erik Hagen for Verdensmagasinet X 2004 (5), national magazine Norway.


August 11, 2004, interviewed about the Colombian government’s National Security Project, “No se escucha a sociedad civil,” by Duvis Fernandez G., El Tiempo, Colombia, 6.


August 11, 2004, interviewed about impunity in Colombia, “Con impunidad no hay democracia,” by Rosario Borrero B., El Heraldo, Colombia, 2.


May 12, 2004, interviewed about my book Violencia y Genocidio en Guatemala, Radio Nacional de España.


May 31, 2004, article about my March 17th presentation on “Truth, Human Rights and Advocacy,” at Grand Valley State University, The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine.


March 11, 2004, article about my research in Guatemala and Colombia, “Talking About Human Rights, Graves,” by AJ Colley, Grand Valley Lanthorn, A6.


Winter 2004, article about my research in Guatemala, “Forensic Expert Gently Retrieves Secrets of Terror in Guatemala,” LAS Noticias, Issue 13, p.1.


January 20, 2004, interviewed about human rights in Guatemala and quoted in “Victims and Volunteers” by Ian Parker, The New Yorker Magazine.


October 19, 2003, interviewed for 2 page feature article on my book Violencia y Genocidio en Guatemala, “Testimonio” by Gustavo Montenegro, Prensa Libre – Revista Domingo, Guatemala.


October 8, 2003, television interview about Violencia y Genocidio en Guatemala, Canal 3 – Telediario, Guatemala City, Guatemala.


October 7, 2003, interview about Violencia y Genocidio en Guatemala, Radio Universidad, Guatemala City, Guatemala.


August 1, 2003, interviewed about human rights in Guatemala and quoted in “Former Dictator to Seek Guatemalan Presidency” by David Gonzalez, New York Times.


August 30, 2002, interviewed about human rights and exhumations in Guatemala and quoted in “A Dig in Guatemala Strips Bare a Time of Terror” by David Gonzalez, New York Times.


Summer issue, 2002, interviewed on Colombia and quoted extensively in “Making Societies Secure for Women” by Mary Thom, Ms. Magazine.


March 2, 2002, interviewed about Colombia and quoted in “The War on Terror Points a Country Toward Peace” By Barbara Crossette, New York Times.

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